*Kalimat Rindu Romantis Buat Pacar Jauh (Bahasa Inggris)

Widyadara™ ~ SMS Romantis Bahasa Inggris | SMS Rindu Romantis Buat Pacar Jauh: Menjalin sebuah Hubungan Jarak Jauh atau Long Distance Relationship, seringnya membuat kita selalu merasa kangen sama Pasangan. Merindukan pacar yang jauh disana hanya bisa melepas dengan mengirim SMS Rindu Romantis buat Pacar yang jauh.

Beberapa SMS Kangen Pacar Jauh yang pernah aku kirim, entah ungkapan dari hati aku dan juga kutipan dari lirik lagu. Hanya untuk mengungkapkan betapa Rindu kepada kekasih jauh.

SMS Rindu Romantis Buat Pacar Jauh
"SMS Rindu Romantis Buat Pacar Jauh"

This is one day I try to
not send message for you..
not call you..
not see you photo.. photo me & you..
Because I want you know..
What I feel and what I want..
(03 Desember 2009)

I never feel like this..
I never love someone like my love to you..
This feeling make me crazy..
And I don’t want to lose this feeling..
I hope this is forever..

I think, what my feel same with you feel,
and I so..
But Im afraid..
I don’t want but I want that feeling to..
Im confuse with my feeling,
Im afraid fallin in love..
(03 Januari 2010)

I was born to tell you “I love you”..
Waiting for you ini here..
to hear you tell “I love you to”..
Good night beby,,
Sleep tight..
(05 Januari 2010)

I can’t wait,,
to see you again..
to see your face..
to see your smile..
to hear your voice
and say.. “I love you..”
(02 Februari 2010)

you touching my heart and my soul..
You make me smile..
But now,,
Im crush, my tears out,,
This is like nightmare..
I can’t hold all..
(03 Februari 2010)

Look inside my heart,,
I want you know if “I miss you”..
Understand when I say “I love you”..
Know what I feel when I beside you..
I want always hold your hand,,
with you everyday..
(15 Februari 2010)

Where you bring my heart..??
You stole my heart & make me fallin in love with you..
But now you go far away from me..
Leave alone here..
I miss you beby..
(23 Maret 2010)

What will you do if Im gone from this world..??
Are you try to find me..??
Are you sad..??
Or you don’t care everything about me..??
Because Im afraid,,
I can’t always beside you..
(24 Maret 2010)

Always try..
do you know beby..
I want see you everyday..
and with me everynight.. make me not afraid again..
I miss you beby..
I wanna cry.. I can’t always like this..
Waiting you..
I want you in here with me,, but I know that’s impossible..
I will waiting that’s day..
I love you beby..
(06 April 2010)

Hunny,, do you know..??
Im very afraid,,
I don’t know what must I do now..
I can’t thinking..
I want you always stay here..
But I know that’s very difficult for we..
(20 Mei 2010)

I don’t know what do U think now..
But I want U know,
I want U always beside me..
Maybe my life not long,
I make U happy ever after..
I will beside U, till the end of time in my life..
Im always love & miss U beby..
(29 April 2010)

What is flower without the sun..
What is the earth sky..
A butterfly needs its wings
An ice bear need cold weather..
What am I without you..
That is why I tell you,
because I need you..
(28 Mei 2010)

Walaupun hanya sebuah SMS Kangen, tapi sedikit mengobati rasa rindu sama pacar. Koleksi SMS Rindu Romantis Buat Pacar Jauh yang pernah Widyadara kirim buat Pacar tercinta (sekarang udah mantan).

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